Arun 110W

Portable Solar Charger with SunPower Cell

Tested and Certified



  • FAST CHARGE | This foldable panel has been designed and tested specifically for our Power Generators series, as it can recharge them in a short time with the same speed as wall power supply. Of course it is also compatible for other products or to create a small portable solar network. In fact it is possible to expand the solar panels by connecting them together.
  • SUNPOWER CELL | We use SunPower high efficiency solar cell for this panel, with top quality and efficiency, offers 22%-25% efficiency. Compared to normal monocrystalline silicon panel with about 17-21% energy transfer rate, Sunpower is over 25% energy transfer rate reaches World Top level, in this way, your charging process is faster and more convenient. So it also benefits from the size of the panel, more power in less solar surface.
  • ULTRA LIGHT, COMPACT DESIGN | Unfold to 1160 x 530 x 5 mm while folded only 530 x 290 x 40 mm, you can folded into a bag or carry it easily with its handle.
  • CONNECTION | The MC4 connectors have been designed specifically for the connections of renewable energy systems. They are extremely reliable and easy to use, they save time because they allow very fast connections. An MC4-DC5521 cable is included to connect (Plug & Play) the solar panel to our Power Generators.
  • WATERPROOF MATERIALS | The waterproof coating is built to last over time and to go wherever you want.
  • BATTERY COMPATIBILITY | Designed and recommended for all our Power Bank/Power Generator series.

Additional information

Weight product:

2.2 Kg


Unfold: 1160 x 530 x 5 mm – Folded: 530 x 290 x 30 mm




1x MC4 Cable integrated (1.5m)

Max power (Pmax):


Energy Spec:

PM(W) 130W – VMP(V) 18V – IMP(A) 6.1A

Treatment efficiency:

22% to 25%

Solar Cell:


Accessories included:

1x cable DC5521/MC4 (1m)