Carbon 150W / 60.000mAh

Portable Power Station with AC Outlet + LED Display

Tested and Certified



  • PORTABLE POWER STATION | This external battery mounts 222Wh/60.000mAh lithium ion batteries, only weights 2kg with size 190 x 152 x 113mm, special grey/black design and easy to handle, a high-density lithium-ion battery allows for a more compact build. It’s our new low cost entry level AC port portable external battery!
  • VERSATILE POWER SUPPLY | Serves as a backup power for outdoor, camping, fieldwork, smartphone, tablet, drone, laptop, TV, CPAP machine, mini fridge. It features triple output modes: 1x AC outlet (European plug) for devices up to 150W  – 2x USB port 5V/3.1A Max – 1x Type-C USB port 5V/3A – 9V/2A .
  • PASS THROUGH | This mini Power Station is compatible with the Pass Through function, this means that it is possible to charge the power bank and the USB/DC devices (Tablet/Smartphone) connected to it at the same time. The AC port cannot be used with this function.
  • CHARGING FROM OUTLET, CAR OR SOLAR | This small generator can be fully charged from the power supply (included) through the household wall socket and from the car adapter (included) through the cigarette lighter socket of the car in 6-7 hours, about from solar panel up to 8-9 hours. Check out our recommended solar panel models for this Power Bank below.
  • LED DISPLAY | The LED display easily show the battery status helping you to easily recognize the level of charge left in the power bank, so as to avoid being left without energy. It shows also the watt value in output and input, so you can keep everything under control.
  • LED FLASHLIGHT | In the back side it integrates a comfortable led lamp which can be activated by a button.
  • SAFETY GUARANTEED | Battery Management System (BMS) undertakes voltage control, temperature control and more advanced safety operations, ensuring complete protection for you and your devices.
  • SOLAR PANEL COMPATIBILITY | We recommend to charge Power Bank by our portable Solar Panels (sold separately): Arun 60W, Carve 50W or Carve 100W.
  • WORKING TIME | How to calculate the power supply time in hours for AC output:
    Working time = 222Wh x 0.8 (power loss value) / power (W) of the device to be powered.
    Let’s take an example with a device that consumes 50 watts.
    In this case the working time calculation of the power bank is: 222Wh x 0.8 / 50W = 3.5 hours approximately.

Additional information

Weight product:

2 Kg


19 x 15.2 x 11.3 cm




The shell is made of ABS + PC fireproof plastic material, which is safe and environmentally friendly. It is non-toxic and harmless when heated.


222Wh – 60.000mAh

Battery Type:

Lithium ion cell

Battery Lifetime:

500 Cycles


DC 15V/2.4A (36W) via AC adapter included or solar panel (sold separately).

AC Output:

Rated Power: 150W – Peak Max: 200W (European socket) – AC 100V-240V / 50Hz-60Hz

AC Waveform

Modified Sine Wave

DC Output:

2x Port 9V~12V – 10A / Max 120W

USB Output:

2x 5V/3.1A (Max)

Type-C Output:

1x 5V/3A – 9V/2A (18W Max)

Solar Controller:

13V-25V / Max 65W

Accessories included:

1x Wall power supply, 1x Car charger, 1x UK outlet adapter (for United Kingdom users), 1x UK wall power supply adapter (for United Kingdom users)