Falcon 24000mAh

High Capacity Power Bank in Aluminium with Led Display + Quick Charge 3.0 Input/Output

Tested and Certified



  • Ultra High Capacity 24.000mAh – 3.6V/86.4Wh | Quick Charge 3.0 Technology Input & Output + Smart USB Outputs. Quick Charge 3.0 Output charges your phone to 72% of the battery within 30mins. The power bank also features the incoming (1x Micro USB) quick charge quick charge 3.0, the only one of the few on Amazon to integrate it.
  • Pass Through | Now the new version is compatible with the PASS THROUGH function, you can charge at the same time the power bank and devices (computer/smartphone) connected to it.
  • Easy-to-read digital screen | It shows the remaining capacity when you touch the screen lightly. No on/off button, charging will autuomatically start when connected. Smoothly side meets the anodized aluminium in a minimal design. No distinct edges, no gaps, just a smooth, seamless bond of metal that feels like one continous surface.
  • Ultra-slim design and touch smoothly | With compact size and lightweight, make it an absolute must-have product in your home and for your travel.
  • 6 Security Protection | Over-temperature protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, input over-current protection, short-circuit protection, ripple control.
  • Connections | USB1 OUTPUT: 5V 2.4A – USB2 OUTPUT: 5V 2.4A – USB3 OUTPUT: 5V 3A – 9V 2A – 12V 1.5A – MICRO USB INPUT: 5V 3A – 9V 1.5A – 12V 1.1A – Size: 173 x 91 x 21mm

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550 g


173 x 91 x 21 mm