Vulcan Plus 20.000mAh (100W)

High Capacity Power Bank in Aluminium with PD Power Delivery Technology (100W Version)

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  • POWER DELIVERY (PD) | The future of connectivity is here, a single port and connector to unify all our devices. In fact, this external battery has been specifically designed to charge laptops and other high power devices with USB TYPE C power port.
  • HIGH CAPACITY | Power Bank with a capacity of 20.000mAh, can charge a smartphone on average up to 8-9 times. Quick Charge 3.0 technology integrated into the USB port of 18W output, can charge the phone up to 72% of the battery in 30 minutes. Instead, in the USB port TYPE-C bidirectional (65W input – 100W output) can easily charge latest generation laptops and other devices that mount the USB type-c port.
  • PASS THROUGH | This mini power station is compatible with the PASS THROUGH function, you can charge at the same time the power bank and devices (tablet/smartphone) connected to it.
  • HIGH SPEED | Recharge faster and more securely with our advanced technology. Thanks to the 65W input you can completely charge this power bank in less than 3 hours. This speed makes it one of the fastest recharging batteries in circulation. Note: Using a non-PD battery charger, charging can take up to 15/20 hours.
  • STATUS LED | The LED lights easily show the battery status, helping you to easily recognize the level of charge left in the power bank, so as to avoid being left without energy. If the power bank is using the Power Delivery technology with compatible devices, the Led indicator with the name PD will light up.
  • ALUMINUM DESIGN | Multi-channel process of anodic oxidation treatment, high structural strength, anti impact, anti fat and anti corrosion. Better heat dissipation thanks to the external aluminum construction. Ultra thin and smooth touch design. With compact and light dimensions. Dimensions: 171 x 79 x 23mm, Weight: 578gr.
  • BY PLANE | This version of the power bank can be carried legally by plane with hand luggage.
  • SOLAR PANEL COMPATIBILITY | Our portable solar panel (sold separately) recommended for charging this external battery is ARUN 40W Model. Get faster charging by purchasing separately a DC / USB Type-C converter.
    Capacity: 20.000mAh
    Battery type: Lithium ion
    USB output: 5V / 3A / 9v 2A / 12V 1.5A (Supports Quick Charge 3.0)
    Output Type-C: 5-20V (up to 100W)
    Input Type-C: 5-20V (65W)
    Material: aluminum
    Dimensions: 171 x 79 x 23mm
    Weight: 576 g
    Cables included in the package: 1x USB / Type-C, 1x Type-C / Type-C

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578 g


17,1 x 7,9 x 2,3 cm