Arun 21W

Portable Solar Charger with SunPower Cell

Tested and Certified



  • FAST CHARGE | This portable solar panel charges your smartphone/tablet as fast as it charges at home using industry leading SunPower high-efficiency cells. Approximately 1-2 hours in direct sunlight charges most smartphones completely. It integrates 2x USB output to charging 2 devices at same time.
  • SUNPOWER CELL | We use SunPower high efficiency solar cell for this panel, with top quality and efficiency, offers 22%-25% efficiency. Compared to normal monocrystalline silicon panel with about 17-21% energy transfer rate, Sunpower is over 25% energy transfer rate reaches World Top level, in this way, your charging process is faster and more convenient. So it also benefits from the size of the panel, more power in less solar surface.
  • ULTRA LIGHT, COMPACT DESIGN | Unfold to 840 x 400 mm while folded only 400 x 280 mm, you can folded into a bag or backpack.
  • VOLTAGE REGULATOR | 21W / 5V automatic regulated outputs, able to charge USB devices directly from solar panel.
  • WATERPROOF MATERIALS | The waterproof coating is built to last over time and to go wherever you want. 
  • COMPATIBILITY | Designed to power thousands of devices that charge from USB, including various handheld devices: smartphone, USB power bank, digital camera, portable console, tablet, etc. 
  • BATTERY COMPATIBILITY | Compatible with our Capsule model power bank.

Additional information

Weight product:

560 g


Unfold: 300 x 540 mm – Folded: 300 x 180 mm




2x USB

Max power (Pmax):


Energy Spec:

5V – 3A Max for each port

Treatment efficiency:

22% to 25%

Solar Cell:


Accessories included:

1x Universal Cable compatible with Apple devices + Micro USB + USB Type-C (1 meter)