Carve 100W

Semi Flexible Solar Panel with ETFE Technology

Tested and Certified



  • FLEX TECHNOLOGY Ultra-thin semi-flexible design, lighter than traditional glass solar panels, easy to transport and install. The panel can be gently folded to follow a regular curve of 30 degrees max and can be mounted on any kind of roof or surface, for example: campers, boats, tent, yacht, car, truck, etc. These solar panels are a fantastic way to ensure you are topped up with electricity without having the burden of a rigid panel to get in the way.
  • CONNECTION | The MC4 connectors have been designed specifically for the connections of renewable energy systems. They are extremely reliable and easy to use, they save time because they allow very fast connections. An MC4-DC5521 cable is included to connect (Plug & Play) the solar panel to our Power Banks and Power Generators.
  • HOW TO USE | This panel can be used to create small photovoltaic systems through MC4 cables. They can be used for parallel/series connection of multiple panels, so as to produce more energy, ideal for creating a small solar off-grid for home. They are also used for connection to solar charge controller + inverter.
  • HOW TO INSTALL | It can be fixed with adhesive, silicone, eyelets, clamps or velcro; it can be installed without expensive structural reinforcements on the roof. The holes on the panels are pre-drilled for quick mounting, perfect for non-permanent installations.
  • ETFE MATERIAL | The waterproof, UV and scratch resistant coating is built to last and go wherever you go. The folding panel uses the ETFE laminate coating instead of PET to last at least 3 times longer than competing products. The ETFE surface embellished lamination processing helps to reduce the reflection of the sun and increase the rate of light absorption. The ETFE material is more resistant to atmospheric agents, more widely used.
  • DURABLE | The waterproof junction box and MC4 connectors allow simple and rapid connections to electricity storage batteries, ensuring no moment’s sunlight is lost.
  • BATTERY COMPATIBILITY | Designed and recommended for all our Power Station and Power bank models.

Additional information

Weight product:

2 Kg


1180 x 540 x 3 mm





Max Power (Pmax):



Up to 30 degrees max

Energy Spec:

Pmp: 100W – Vmp: 18V – Imp: 5.6A – Voc: 21.6V – Isc: 6.1A

Max System Voltage:

600V DC

Max Series Fuse Rating:


Output cable:

90cm 2×4.0mm2 MC4 connector

Solar Cell:


Accessories included:

1x cable DC5521/MC4 (for connect to our Power Banks/Power Generators)